Because that same old story has to go!

You know the one.

An amazing opportunity comes along and the first thing you tell yourself is, "I can't afford it".

Because the truth is, you already used up everything from the last payday.

You keep that opportunity at the back of your mind and you pray that it will still be there at next payday.

But next payday comes and all of a sudden is like all hell breaks loose and it's one emergency after another.

Before you know it, you used up everything from your recent payday and when you look around, the opportunity is gone and you have to put your dreams and your goals on hold.

Or maybe it's this one.

You're tired of missing out on opportunities.

So you give in to the pressure and take the big leap and you charge it to your card.

Soon after you are filled with regret as you look at your mountain of debt, realizing that you just sabotaged yourself after saying for years that you will get rid of it.

And right now you're just tired of the messy financial cycle and are ready to end it.

Imagine ...

  • Being able to invest in God's vision for you

    Without any added financial pressure

  • Breaking the payday to payday cycle

    Even on your current income!

  • Having MORE than enough

    Without having to work harder

  • Changing your financial outlook with a simple strategy you can do right now

    Even if you're not good with finances or numbers

It's Possible!

Your money miracle is waiting for you.

No More ...

  • Passing up opportunities

  • Waiting around for payday

  • Depending on or being burdened by debt

  • Putting up with lack

You are a Daughter of the Most High God!

That means that YOU have the power and authority through the Blood of Jesus to take control of every situation in your life. Including messy finances!

And the Powerful Wives Masterclass Series, which features other Christian wives who have been through and overcome similar challenges in their lives, was created to give you the PRACTICAL tools and strategies you need to take back that control and step into your identity as a Powerful Wife.

Inside the Powerful Wives Masterclass: Finance Edition

Part of the Powerful Wives Masterclass Series by Jenny-Lyn Allen M.Sc., CPC

Hi. I'm Jenny-Lyn Allen, a Certified Professional Coach.

And as a researcher at heart and in training, I love bringing together my best resources to help Christian women, like you, to WIN in every area of your life, from money to marriage so that you can effectively take care of God's business.

This Single Masterclass is for you if ...

  • You're tired of the financial stress and pressure

  • You're tired of working hard yet can't seem to make any financial progress

  • You're tired of passing up opportunities because you "can't afford it"

  • You're tired of having "no money"

  • You're ready for a whole new financial story of peace and provision

Get all the secrets and strategies simple enough to implement right now for just ...

What's Inside

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome!
    • How to Navigate Your Masterclass
    • Before You Start ...
  • 2

    Write a New Story in Finances

    • Write a New Story
  • 3

    How to Create a Successful Money Story

    • Money Story
    • Money Story Workbook
  • 4

    Practical Skills to Fight the Overwhelm in Finances

    • Fight the Overwhelm
    • Fight the Overwhelm Workbook
  • 5

    Breaking the Payday to Payday Cycle

    • Living Ahead
  • 6

    Finding Wealth in Hidden Spaces

    • Finding Wealth in Hidden Spaces
    • Little Ways to Capture Cash$ in the Kitchen
  • 7
  • 8

    Next Steps

    • BONUS: Minimalism & Money - When We Don't Agree
    • Thank You! Powerful Wives Special Gifts and Offers
    • Share Your Thoughts and Experience

You will discover:

  • The best (yet overlooked) place to start to create changes in your finances

  • Your money story and how to create a new one

  • How to fight the overwhelm when facing your finances

  • How to budget on a variable or unpredictable income

PLUS, no more living from payday to payday ...

  • Discover a proven strategy to end the vicious cycle.

You will also learn:

  • How to be ready for variable expenses and have peace even when all hell breaks loose

  • How to end the sabotage of saying, "I can't afford it" and what to say instead


  • What to do when you and your spouse don't agree about money

Meet Your Instructor

Elizabeth Enright Phillips

Elizabeth Enright Phillips

Guest Expert

Elizabeth Enright Phillips is a professional financial coach and mom to six children. She serves high-caliber women in building peace in their personal finances and creating abundance in their businesses. Through elite coaching and customized financial tracking, her clients are able to eliminate debt, systematize personal and business finances, and build a solid financial foundation for God's Kingdom work.

What others are saying about working with Elizabeth ...

“It has been an amazing experience to work with Kurt and Elizabeth! They are incredibly supportive and have so much knowledge that they were able to not only help us with our finances, but gave me support as I started a new business as well. They are kind, smart, and get you results! I can’t believe the transformation we went through as a couple and family. I look forward to continuing to work with them as friends and coaches!”

Tesse S.

“I realized what I needed most was "permission to be a mom", which Elizabeth gave me right away. It helped me put aside the guilt and frustration I was experiencing regarding my business and our finances and focus on why we are running our own business in the first place. From embracing minimalism to creating a world that keeps family on the forefront, you make finances work for a lifestyle that honors God and family. Elizabeth, you are a breath of fresh air!”

Rae-Anna J.

“It was wonderful to work with Elizabeth. She is a brilliant business woman and financial coach. Elizabeth was encouraging and supportive, which increased my confidence and helped me envision opportunities within my business that I hadn’t previously seen. Elizabeth's passion for helping her clients shines through in her work and support for others.”

Kim T.

Get access to the best of the best to finally overcome the financial mess

A new story of success awaits you!